Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Holiday spirit..

So after dropping the teen off to meet pals, i headed for the op shop. I was feeling lucky.. I'd been reading Dottie Angel (separate post) and was visualising in my mind's eye... I saw this beaudy. I opened the drawers and sniffed.. yep - pretty good. I imagined a place for my fabric.. I emailed Mr R to come with car to pic up..
BUT once he arrived we discussed the possibility of a 'bureau' which was standing next to the drawers.. swiftly i relocated the SOLD sign... and returned home to this...

we hauled in the bureau of thriftiness, and after some rearranging we now have this..

Hooray! Elvie ( fluffy white puss - gave it the nod of approval). A weekend project might be to deck out the drinks part (behind the pull down panel) to pop in some shelves on which to stack my fabric.. Whilst hanging around in the shop i also bought this..

Kitsch bud vase + crazy doilie, currently i'm going through a 'grouping' phase of my objects and collected items.. Not to mention while on a complete 48 hour opshop frenzy i also picked up a rather nice tablecloth for $4.. super when no shipping is involved..

..holidays at home.. fun times indeed...

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