Saturday, October 22, 2011

Project: completed...!

This week was the last, in the Penny Black Stamp project - which can be viewed here.
Sometimes i let the brief float around in my head - to see if i come up with an idea, sometimes i start sketching.
Or sometimes i just start 'doing'. This was a doing one.
I found a bit of paper with some blue + green painted on it.. I picked up a piece of card and dipped the edge into some paint and 'stamped' the vertical lines reminiscent of 'trunks'

I painted in the white lines and kept working over the top. Generally i was happy with the look. The theme for week 6 being: wood. (i started thinking of wood grain patterns - but ended up here).
Then i read that the dominant colour was: rose. A scan and a little photoshop adjustment and i decided to go with this:

Australia has some lovely scribbly barked gum trees - so thought i would add a little scribble...
So that's it. Always fun to 'force' yourself to do something a little different.. Here's the 6 projects:
They were not designed as a 'set' so i wasn't expecting them to work as a final group. Although had i spent oodles of time on it (and planning) - that would've been ideal!
I think my first one (the red stamp) is the weakest - perhaps because the number is so large? I'm quite fond of the Aboriginal styled one - as that is based on a google map of my neighbourhood.. Anyway, it was great to explore a different direction to each separate brief. On to to the next thing..

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Out and about...

So yes, I know there's movement afoot to 'buy nothing new' this month - so why not go and see an exhibition about shopping instead? On Sale is a gorgeously designed and curated exhibition on until the end of the month. Featuring wonderful old photos of the Queen Victoria Building (in Sydney) from the 1890s and 1920s, to graphic 1950s posters for David Jones, vintage wrapping paper and catalogues...etc
The exhibition catalogue is a bonus - yours to keep for what ever donation you want to leave..
wander in - take a friend or relative - it deserves to be seen..

from my desk..

well let's face it - it was all a bit of a mess.. "do you think you could make me a couple of shelves?" I asked Mr R.. I had seen some kits at the hardware store but thought i'd pose the question and see what returned. Well, he bought some handy clips and a plank. "can i have rounded corners?" I ventured.
"it's up to you to finish them off" he said, handing them over. I found sandpaper, undercoat + antique white gloss paint kicking around .. Super!

garden nook..

So while we were giving little corners of the house mini makeovers - Mr R also took on an outdoor corner.. a little bit of bamboo screen, a table made of recycled fence palings, some bolts on the end of wooden stumps a barrel pot from flower power and hey, we have a little outdoor setting..

It reminded me of walking around the streets in Japanese cities - where backyards are scarce - pots are plentiful.. we need a little more growth but it's a great starting point..

tick tock..

Hark... what is that ticking sound? oh, that's right, the last few hours of 5 days off. Quick! less than an hour before dinner.. let's whip up a cover for this little shelf dude on wheels. After all we don't really need to see his insides do we?

The stash revealed this piece of fabric (bought on Etsy from a japanese seller - but is IKEA from 6 yrs ago), lets stitch that to a thrifted table cloth..

Let's bang in some drawing pins and voila!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Holiday spirit..

So after dropping the teen off to meet pals, i headed for the op shop. I was feeling lucky.. I'd been reading Dottie Angel (separate post) and was visualising in my mind's eye... I saw this beaudy. I opened the drawers and sniffed.. yep - pretty good. I imagined a place for my fabric.. I emailed Mr R to come with car to pic up..
BUT once he arrived we discussed the possibility of a 'bureau' which was standing next to the drawers.. swiftly i relocated the SOLD sign... and returned home to this...

we hauled in the bureau of thriftiness, and after some rearranging we now have this..

Hooray! Elvie ( fluffy white puss - gave it the nod of approval). A weekend project might be to deck out the drinks part (behind the pull down panel) to pop in some shelves on which to stack my fabric.. Whilst hanging around in the shop i also bought this..

Kitsch bud vase + crazy doilie, currently i'm going through a 'grouping' phase of my objects and collected items.. Not to mention while on a complete 48 hour opshop frenzy i also picked up a rather nice tablecloth for $4.. super when no shipping is involved..

..holidays at home.. fun times indeed...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Holiday time..

So day one of a few days off.. who needs to sleep in, when i have the chance to attend a cushion making workshop at cloth fabric, in Surry Hills..? Let's just say there was a little shriek when i saw the email.
A small class and a generous scrap bag and we were all in heaven..

Fairly easy to be inspired in such a beautiful environment..

surrounded by lovely gorgeous things..

Interesting that although we all were working from the 'same pile' our cushions were all very individual, with Kate making the astute observation that our pieces were reflections of what we were wearing.. I was drawn to the greys - but thought i would freshen it up with a touch of aqua.. and acid olive..

Clever cloth, that they are, supplied the 'open' cushion covers with zips already in position.. so we could spend our time really enjoying cutting up strips and piecing our designs together..

It's always lovely to listen to the creative chat while everyone beavers away.. four hours later and a little overwhelmed by so many possible combinations, i left to finish it off at home..
Here's how my cushion ended up..

Whilst a little on the busy side.. (hard to resist such gorgeous scraps) i channeled some of my brain power into a couple of accessories - before my cushion really went over the top!

And well sometimes, more is just definitely... more!
Thanks to Julie (Ms Cloth) for such a fabulous opportunity.. sign up to their blog if you can get to Sydney for future workshops/events..


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