Saturday, September 24, 2011

Unleash your inner Banksy!

OMG! and yes, i really do need to use that phrase.. how totally excited was i when i discovered:
Fotoffitti an app that let's you i/phone/pod/pad your image as a graffiti artwork. Exclamation marks necessary indeed!!
Here is what the photo (shot via my ipad) looked like first..

Then you shake to spray, choose your wall, contrast AND how old you want it to be.. now if that isn't app developing at it's best then i don't know what is. Stencil art without the pain!


Down that Little Lane said...

Omg I love it!!.. I wanted to say we would love to have you on DTLL if you wanted to apply... Fab to meet you the other night... Local coffee in order soon!

Shelbyville said...

Dan downloaded this cool little app, and is having a play with it right now. Apparently he rates it 4 out of 5 stars... :)

James Rowley said...

VERY GOOD! You really are a creative genius. The way you present these photos made us more interested with the topic and how it works. You try to use Samsung EV-NX100! I'm sure it'll give you more of you. Thanks!


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