Sunday, September 4, 2011

More from Brisbane..

Luckily, my previously crafted red robot was well accepted by his intended owner..
The baby pictured has a talented mother who was holding a book binding workshop on a rainy Saturday afternoon..

So i sat and concentrated very hard. I scored, folded, trimmed and stitched..
in four hours i had made my 3 little books.. check out Shellbyville for more info and a chance to make your own...

It was a super little break. Gallery, family, friends, little bit of creating, little bit of doing nothing.. (ok, so that last bit was the weird bit.. but i tried my best to cope..)

1 comment:

Shelbyville said...

Was soooo lovely to catch up with you both while you were in town! D loves his gorgeous handmade red robot almost as much as his mummy does (although I don't feel the compulsion to gnaw on it as he does). Thanks for the visit and the sweet gifts :)


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