Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gee, is that the time?

Last weekend i was away with Miss R visiting friends + family in Brisbane. Of course this was a great opportunity to visit Surrealism: Poetry of Dreams at Goma. They do put on a good exhibition up there..and they even have their own app..

The exhibition has 180 works and a genius decision to put a cafe half way through..
Since i was visiting Shelbyville and little d (her gorgeous babe) we all appreciated a pit stop..

This part of the exhibition also has a row of interactive macs that display a surrealist manifesto style newspaper created with very attractive graphics.. definitely worth a 'play'. Whilst i was enjoying my hugs with little d, as soon as we hit the childrens' area of the exhibition i had to hand him back to his mother immediately...

Once Miss R realised us grown ups were going to be here a while she took a spot at the collage bench..
Then there were the pre-printed ink blots which were desperately awaiting re-interpretation..
I couldn't go past..

While miss r also saw an animal..

And if collage, cutting & pasting, and drawing weren't enough, they also had sculpture windows! Everyday objects in co-ordinating colours were available to 'sculpt'. THEN you could use the built in camera to send your masterpiece via email or to a mobile.

Just as well a) the car parking had expired, b) it was lunch time c) school children seemed to be otherwise occupied... or there would've been tears.. and they wouldn't be coming from the young folk..

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