Sunday, September 4, 2011

Back at it..

Ok, so after admitting that the 'doing nothing' of last weekend was a bit challenging, this weekend i couldn't decide between 3 possible projects..

I had purchased a 'primitive angel' pattern from here, a few weeks ago and was itching to try it out. It involved staining your fabric with coffee...

Hmm, a few hours later here's how it went..

I don't think Mr R warmed to her instantly..

I enjoyed moving out of cute world for a bit.. i then went down this path..

While i was putting this piece together it was confirmed in my head that it is ok to accumulate supplies, (even though when purchasing you can't quite visualise just what you will be doing with it), because eventually they will show their potential.. Can't wait to get back to the stash sometime soon..

1 comment:

pepper said...

wow, gorgeous! That makes me want to try something new. And yes, stashes are VERY IMPORTANT and need constant feeding, care and attention. Yes.
(I'll have to check out that exhibition, too!)


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