Sunday, August 14, 2011

project central ... part 2

My second project was also for the Australian Book Arts Council for their Bound and Bagged Project.
We were sent a calico bag - which could be left plain or added to.. for years i've longed for an inkjet printer so i could experiment with different surfaces. A few months ago I purchased one for under $130! wow! THEN at the craft show recently i picked up some transfer + freezer papers. (I couldn't even recall why i needed the freezer paper - just that i DID). So the above type was 'transferred' to the bag, but the freezer paper allowed me to put fabric through my printer by temporarily adhering it to the fabric.. so i could do the label above..

did you know lots of cool people have created 'digital downloads' on Etsy? I found these luggage labels (above), printed them on calico using freezer paper through my printer - and VOILA! a natty little add-on for my 'artist book' which goes into the calico bag.. i'll keep you posted if it makes it into any exhibition and where you can see all the entries...

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katiecrackernuts said...

Seriously, where do you find these projects? Have you built a Yahoo Pipes feed to bring all the projects into your inbox? You are the queen of fabulous projects. I look on in envy knowing I'd just crumble under the weight of them all.


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