Sunday, August 14, 2011

have you seen this?

It's Fashionary. Yep, exactly what happens when you put fashion, diary + dictionary together.
The sketchbook is combined with heaps of fashion information (from blogs to patterns to colour descriptions). It is the perfect tool for getting down ideas, fast sketching and quick referencing. It also includes 400 templates for instant sketching. What's really cool is that the templates are barely visible .. but yet oh so handy! I purchased it online for miss R (aged 13 yrs) when she declared that she needed a hobby (a dangerous thing to say near me - as i can assign one by the day).. This is how she began hers..

Go Miss R! I wonder when she can begin pattern making?
Anyway - i think they'd make great birthday/christmas gifts for the arty young folk you may know..
( i see that Kinokuniya in Sydney now stock it too).

project central ... part 2

My second project was also for the Australian Book Arts Council for their Bound and Bagged Project.
We were sent a calico bag - which could be left plain or added to.. for years i've longed for an inkjet printer so i could experiment with different surfaces. A few months ago I purchased one for under $130! wow! THEN at the craft show recently i picked up some transfer + freezer papers. (I couldn't even recall why i needed the freezer paper - just that i DID). So the above type was 'transferred' to the bag, but the freezer paper allowed me to put fabric through my printer by temporarily adhering it to the fabric.. so i could do the label above..

did you know lots of cool people have created 'digital downloads' on Etsy? I found these luggage labels (above), printed them on calico using freezer paper through my printer - and VOILA! a natty little add-on for my 'artist book' which goes into the calico bag.. i'll keep you posted if it makes it into any exhibition and where you can see all the entries...

project central... part one

Hello! How have you been?
I have been up to my eyeballs in projects.. Which of course is great - but perhaps a little reminiscent of racing a deadline for a collage project.. of course i had oodles of time - but stuff got in the way - then i was sick.. ANYWAY! Here's a sneak peak of what i've been up to...
my submission to the Book Arts Council of Australia for their Matchbox zine project. Entrants were sent a matchbox to alter and use to contain a zine. I was inspired to turn mine into a garden shed - which led me to do an itty-bitty zine based on how important sheds have been through 3 generations of my family... it was challenging to distill the information to more of a 'feel' and just the essence... this bit was fun..

Using japanese masking tape (but of course!) to create furniture illustrations..
why not give it a go - just find a picture of an object you like and make your own by cutting little bits of tape... you can even reposition it as you work..
fingers crossed they like it...


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