Sunday, July 31, 2011

Penny Black

Sorry - it's been a awhile.. oh what a drag! that rain, that chest infection, that head cold, that ear infection... that general feeling of well.. just yuk.. BUT i'm back so here is a behind-the-scenes look at a little project.. hope you like it..
So i mentioned this project here..
And now we are up to Project 4. The colour being sepia. The basis for this week is the One Pound Jimmy, of the Wailbri people of central Australia, who was the first named Aboriginal person to appear on an Australian stamp.
I decided it would be good to keep this theme for my design..
i began by priming a bit of wood, (a placemat from Spotlight) then painting it red. This is a nice way to give the final painting some depth.

i wanted to paint solid shapes and keep it bold. I was thinking about how the indiginous people went 'walkabout'. It made me think that when we go walkabout these days - we often consult google maps. So i did!
i traced an enlarged version of the 'block' around my house onto my white surface.

I 'blocked' in the shapes. Under painting helps avoid a flat final image.

I added my final chosen colours - sanding lightly with sandpaper in between.

the lines became my roads..

The dots gave it that Aboriginal art feel..

Here's the final painting.. which i dropped into an indesign template - that i have been using for the other 3 projects..


Shireen said...

It's like a Rover Thomas with a google marker. Gorgeous!

oldflowers4me said...



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