Sunday, July 3, 2011

Out and about...

Last week was the Sydney Craft and quilt fair..
i decided to take a day off and pop along.. it's good to see what's available.. who's doing what .. and being up to your eyeballs in craft supplies isn't too bad either.. 2 minutes after walking into the show i had signed up for a screen printing workshop with Perth textile artist Louise Snook..

90 minutes later and that was my tea towel hanging to dry.. we were shown how to use paper stencils - then off we went! I'm so grateful to Louise for showing me the way. I love the idea of print making, but have never had any success with paper stencils before.. As i was pulling the paint across the screen, passers by were whispering "look , her hands are shaking.." Well, no pressure, folks.
I did leave the show 4 and a half hours later with various items, including my very own screen.. bring on some annual leave..
While waiting for the workshop i think i came across unique stitching, they had a terrific selection of many things i knew i needed.. amongst my purchases was a packet of dye.. before cooking Sundays' pumpkin risotto i thought i would tackle the reinvention of a dress i had..

I loved the design of this - but having bought it hurriedly in a sale last year i wasn't totally in love with the colour against my skin tone - as it was too similar.. I suspected the dye would keep the pattern.. and it did!
It was 'calmed' right down and harmoniously slotted right back into my wardrobe.. i was pleased that my first attempt did not leave any patchy work.. although am also glad i bought some beautiful hand dyed fabric that someone else had created for me.. i say it again.. bring on some annual leave (5 days to go!)

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