Sunday, July 17, 2011

New fruit..

Mr R, bless him.. presented me with these on returning from the shops yesterday.. purely for photographic purposes - altho i think i may also have to try them.
Anyway while i was waiting for my porridge to heat i found myself snapping away.. then on the iphone..

Which I THEN had to convert using 'Swankolab' app - it lets you add chemicals to a virtual tray.. watch it process before your eyes.. it even pegs it up to dry..

Then there was 'label box' appYES! it is masking tape for iphone (thanks Riyo!) needless to say the porridge was getting cold...
oh - so if you can name said fruit and know what to do with it.. let me know..


Ren said...

Hello :o) Those are mangosteens. Native (or at least common) to Southeast Asia.

The traditional way to eat them: Break off the stalk and the spongy green bits surrounding it. *WATCH OUT* for the juice, it causes a persistent fuchsia stain.

Then, with the open top away from you, grip the fruit with both fists and start squeezing. This should cause the shell to crack at its weakest points, revealing soft translucent white-pink flesh for your enjoyment.

Oh I miss mangosteen... why does it have to be so expensive in Australia?

Ren said...

Whoops... forgot to say that you should check for ripeness before attempting to crack those shells. If they're hard and "tappable", you can afford to leave them a while longer. If they give a little when squeezed, especially at the top and bottom, they're probably ready.


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