Sunday, July 3, 2011

Getting my paint on..

This is week 3's assignment of my online painting course mentioned here.
The subject matter was 'colour'. Otherwise the whole thing would have probably been a muted work - which is my usual path. During the inspiration of the week we were told about 'Beautiful Losers', have you seen it? It looks at a group of American artists who started out in the 1990's. Among them are Margaret Kilgallen, Shepard Fairey and Geoff Mcfetteridge.. their influences were graffiti, skateboarding and art of the street. Thankfully my local dvd store had a copy and it was a super night in.. Yesterday i put paint to board and this is what occured.. the last time i did any painting was the sketchbook experience, 6 months ago. With that i found it hard to mantain a style.. as there were so many pages to fill. However week 3 finds me slipping into somewhat of a consistent style..


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