Sunday, July 17, 2011

Get your paint on..

I think i missed last week's blog post as i was up to my elbows ... in this. Week four's piece as an exercise in composition. I kind of like the idea and the feel - but it's still a little 'tight'. I used a craft wood placemat, found some reference via etsy + ebay and sketched up the work. Then it was a process of layering colours, 'blocking in' shapes, adding detail - then taking to the lot with a scalpel.

This was the final week.. the brief was fairly open.. which did make it hard to decide which direction to go in.. THEN i got some bug and spent most of my holiday week sick :( what is with leaving the office - then coming down with something?
I guess painting isn't really meant to be confined to a one day time slot (that's all i had, really).. so maybe that was why i kept hitting the pain barrier: painting, scratching, painting etc.. or maybe it was my stuffed up head?
Anyway - after said day - week 5's piece was to be worked on no more!
Back to some other projects now...

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