Sunday, July 31, 2011

Penny Black

Sorry - it's been a awhile.. oh what a drag! that rain, that chest infection, that head cold, that ear infection... that general feeling of well.. just yuk.. BUT i'm back so here is a behind-the-scenes look at a little project.. hope you like it..
So i mentioned this project here..
And now we are up to Project 4. The colour being sepia. The basis for this week is the One Pound Jimmy, of the Wailbri people of central Australia, who was the first named Aboriginal person to appear on an Australian stamp.
I decided it would be good to keep this theme for my design..
i began by priming a bit of wood, (a placemat from Spotlight) then painting it red. This is a nice way to give the final painting some depth.

i wanted to paint solid shapes and keep it bold. I was thinking about how the indiginous people went 'walkabout'. It made me think that when we go walkabout these days - we often consult google maps. So i did!
i traced an enlarged version of the 'block' around my house onto my white surface.

I 'blocked' in the shapes. Under painting helps avoid a flat final image.

I added my final chosen colours - sanding lightly with sandpaper in between.

the lines became my roads..

The dots gave it that Aboriginal art feel..

Here's the final painting.. which i dropped into an indesign template - that i have been using for the other 3 projects..

Sunday, July 17, 2011

New fruit..

Mr R, bless him.. presented me with these on returning from the shops yesterday.. purely for photographic purposes - altho i think i may also have to try them.
Anyway while i was waiting for my porridge to heat i found myself snapping away.. then on the iphone..

Which I THEN had to convert using 'Swankolab' app - it lets you add chemicals to a virtual tray.. watch it process before your eyes.. it even pegs it up to dry..

Then there was 'label box' appYES! it is masking tape for iphone (thanks Riyo!) needless to say the porridge was getting cold...
oh - so if you can name said fruit and know what to do with it.. let me know..

Get your paint on..

I think i missed last week's blog post as i was up to my elbows ... in this. Week four's piece as an exercise in composition. I kind of like the idea and the feel - but it's still a little 'tight'. I used a craft wood placemat, found some reference via etsy + ebay and sketched up the work. Then it was a process of layering colours, 'blocking in' shapes, adding detail - then taking to the lot with a scalpel.

This was the final week.. the brief was fairly open.. which did make it hard to decide which direction to go in.. THEN i got some bug and spent most of my holiday week sick :( what is with leaving the office - then coming down with something?
I guess painting isn't really meant to be confined to a one day time slot (that's all i had, really).. so maybe that was why i kept hitting the pain barrier: painting, scratching, painting etc.. or maybe it was my stuffed up head?
Anyway - after said day - week 5's piece was to be worked on no more!
Back to some other projects now...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Getting my paint on..

This is week 3's assignment of my online painting course mentioned here.
The subject matter was 'colour'. Otherwise the whole thing would have probably been a muted work - which is my usual path. During the inspiration of the week we were told about 'Beautiful Losers', have you seen it? It looks at a group of American artists who started out in the 1990's. Among them are Margaret Kilgallen, Shepard Fairey and Geoff Mcfetteridge.. their influences were graffiti, skateboarding and art of the street. Thankfully my local dvd store had a copy and it was a super night in.. Yesterday i put paint to board and this is what occured.. the last time i did any painting was the sketchbook experience, 6 months ago. With that i found it hard to mantain a style.. as there were so many pages to fill. However week 3 finds me slipping into somewhat of a consistent style..

Out and about...

Last week was the Sydney Craft and quilt fair..
i decided to take a day off and pop along.. it's good to see what's available.. who's doing what .. and being up to your eyeballs in craft supplies isn't too bad either.. 2 minutes after walking into the show i had signed up for a screen printing workshop with Perth textile artist Louise Snook..

90 minutes later and that was my tea towel hanging to dry.. we were shown how to use paper stencils - then off we went! I'm so grateful to Louise for showing me the way. I love the idea of print making, but have never had any success with paper stencils before.. As i was pulling the paint across the screen, passers by were whispering "look , her hands are shaking.." Well, no pressure, folks.
I did leave the show 4 and a half hours later with various items, including my very own screen.. bring on some annual leave..
While waiting for the workshop i think i came across unique stitching, they had a terrific selection of many things i knew i needed.. amongst my purchases was a packet of dye.. before cooking Sundays' pumpkin risotto i thought i would tackle the reinvention of a dress i had..

I loved the design of this - but having bought it hurriedly in a sale last year i wasn't totally in love with the colour against my skin tone - as it was too similar.. I suspected the dye would keep the pattern.. and it did!
It was 'calmed' right down and harmoniously slotted right back into my wardrobe.. i was pleased that my first attempt did not leave any patchy work.. although am also glad i bought some beautiful hand dyed fabric that someone else had created for me.. i say it again.. bring on some annual leave (5 days to go!)


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