Saturday, June 25, 2011


So you may have seen uppercase magazine: for the creative and curious...
put simply it is unique. I'm thinking that Janine Vangool, it's editor, designer and publisher must be superhuman. To have created an independent quality title that features gorgeous images, interesting people, quirky themes and interesting bits and pieces.. well let's just say she can't sleep much. But thank goodness she just keeps going because now she has turned her incredibly creative hand to book publishing..
I took advantage of their book bundle deal..
and the first few arrived over the last couple of weeks..

While the "Elegant Cockroach' is a wonderfully illustrated tale of a Spanish guitar playing insect visualised through clever collage.. it's the other two that i curled up on the couch with..

Work/life 2 is a handy book - packed full of 100 illustrators from around the world. You can pop over to the itunes store and download the app version free! For anyone who is interested in or inspired by illustrators this is the book for you.. (it would also be a great gift for a teenager thinking of a creative arts career). The pages feature an interview with the illustrator, shots of their studio (always a hit) images of their work and their details..

i may have to read it some more after this..
THEN there was Lisa Congdon and A collection a day.... aaahhhhh..

Packaged in a special little tin of it's own each of Lisa Congdon's 365 collections are displayed here.
Whether painted, photographed or sketched the result is awesomeness.

This is one of my favourites. Not only are there perfectly balanced grids, the pages show a variety of objects that have you reacting a bit like at a firework display.. with plenty of 'oooohs' 'aaahhhss' and 'oorrrrwwwws'.

As we embrace the age of the e-book there are still reasons to sniff some paper ones too....

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