Saturday, June 18, 2011

Photomobile project

This year (as opposed to before) i seem to have signed up for various projects.. a few months ago is it was the Photomobile project run by the Arthouse Co-op. You could choose a theme, they sent you a disposable camera. You used it. You sent the prints to them. They tour the exhibition.
The camera had its limits. 400asa, limited focus etc etc... BUT the idea and process was fantastic.. some of the shots were quirky in a grainy-sort of-out of focus way..

My theme was : 'Adventures of a super hero". Miss R (13 yrs) also signed up, her theme was "the last thing i remember' - which she interpreted as a sort of fainting still life..
These images here were taken with our own cameras as we went, to record our progress. These are not the disposable camera prints..

So what did i think of the whole thing? well my skills in shooting with a disposable camera were fairly hit and miss. Although choosing such a tiny subject matter was a little silly. On the upside i got to stitch kewpie a super hero suit and i made a zine from the photos! So my advice there is go ahead and just do a project.. don't ask why.. just see where it'll lead.. meanwhile i'll be checking out the photo mobile website later in the year to see how everyone else did..

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pepper said...

oh that superhero kewpie is frickin adorable, I think I might pop on my blog if that's m-k?
what a great project! all teh shots are super!
Pepper x


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