Saturday, June 25, 2011

Getting my paint on..

So after totally falling in admiration, for Lisa Congdon after her book arrived in my mail box..
I then became a student in her and Mati McDonough's Summer Get your paint on course..
Go here if you want to know more or see when the next one is available.
Have you done any online study? (I'm a newbie). It's great - they post inspiration, tips and projects.. while the students upload their work. Naturally we'd all love to live in the cool creative places where all the arty things happen, but well.. those nooks are spread out all over the world aren't they? And who knows which nook is where we should be nesting? BUT that's the great thing about online.. log on, upload and hello class mates!
Last week the inspiration was along the theme of quilts and grids..
this was where i began..
It's about a4 on packing cardboard, it was therapeutic and initially i enjoyed it. But by the end of this piece i felt it was dull and lacking. Then i moved to a piece of craft wood.. (sold at Spotlight as placemats?)

I liked the colours and the fact i could scratch at it like mad.. since i had been experimenting with hobby #43 and learning to crochet, i had that on my mind.. so i hand wrote some crochet jargon.. while not dull, i'm not entirely sure if i went too far?
This week we were looking at being inspired by an artist.. OH! where do i begin? I realised that i quite like grouping objects..

This was taken using instagram app, in my kitchen - while trying to inhale my porridge before running out the door, one morning last week..
Oh great - i thought! i can use Morandi's style and colour palette.. you can see how that would work, yes?

Then i remembered the dudes i bought on Etsy:

Then i painted this:
It was ok, but i still had to move to a scratchy wood panel.. where i ended up with this:

So, the other part of this week's exercise was to look at our personal style. What was mine? That is something i've been chasing the answer to for quite some time. Today, i decided part of my style is a scratchy/texture business and some words! phew. Revelations can be exhausting. Have you had one?

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katiecrackernuts said...

Fascinating to see your "a-ha" moments. I've enrolled in an online writing course for that kick in the pants and am curious to see how the little band of people gel. I am also, next week, doing an arts residential because I love the chat and cups of tea and "a-ha" moments of the studio. As this is my first online course I'll be keen to see whether I can stick it without the other brains for inspiration.


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