Wednesday, June 1, 2011

the chain gang?

So last weekend i put the zines and paper goods aside and purchased a pattern from ravelry, a hook and yarn..
For a while now i've a) wanted to be wearing a flower lariat and b) be someone who can crochet.

I took said items to a friends place, after dinner i asked her to start me off on a flower. Within 3 minutes i realised that this was not going to be my first project. We agreed that she show me how to chain and treble stitch.. off i went onto the GRANNY SQUARE..

I couldn't believe it.. as it started to resemble something.. and without wanting to encourage drinking - let me just say that the whole process was easier after a wee glass of wine.. the minute my brain switched back on, self doubt kicked in.. meanwhile my dear friend continued on with the flowers..

and Voila! here they are... a gorgeous accessory indeed..

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