Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lovely to meet you..

Thanks to everyone who stopped by Dudley's corner. As i might have said to some of you - it did look a bit like i spend a lot of time indoors.. But i'm glad i got out this weekend and caught a few sessions at the Writers Festival, The Finders Keeper Market and today's zine fair. There definitely was a variety of paper goods to be had.. I hope you all enjoyed the diversity too.. if you couldn't make it, or there was something you missed I'll be uploading it online in the next week or so..
meanwhile back to the day job... have a great week... thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

DIY business cards...

Years ago the idea of doing a business card for myself (as a graphic designer) was a little daunting. It had to say so much while not looking too this, or too that.. THEN along came moo cards - those gorgeous little mini cards that can be photographic and have many different looks..
But this year for the zine fair - i decided to take a more DIY approach.
Here's what you need:
• card stock
• stamps: hand carved, bought, or custom ordered + stamp pad.
• rotary blade cutter - try the perforated or deckle edge.
• office name/address stamper
• Japanese masking tape

So firstly after selecting my card stock - I loaded up one of those office style stampers with my details..
then i stamped my logo with my vista print stamp - perhaps you've seen this here - pretty easy to get, handy to have!

Then I perforated the edge with my rotary cutter. Stamped a bit of colour with a hand carved rubber stamp.

Added the compulsory gorgeous Japanese masking tape and VOILA! unique business cards ready to go.
Of course the possibilities and combinations here are endless!

If you happen to be coming to the zine fair at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney NEXT Sunday 22nd. 11-5 drop by, say hi and pick one up!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Save the date...

Hooray! It's nearly that time of year again.. The Sydney Writer's Festival - which includes the Zine Fair..
and i'll be there.. I've been sketching, folding and stapling.. so if you can make it to the MCA in Sydney on May 22nd I'd love to see you there.. It's going to be huge!


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