Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter craft...

How did we get here already? I'm enjoying my few days holiday.. there's various things i need to do. Then there was this. A $5 Easter kit from Target. It had sparkles, paint + stick ons, it was for ages 3-6. But hey it had 3 faux wooden eggs! i couldn't help myself. I sat there sewing a wee felt hat telling myself that it was 'fun' for Miss R. I like her bold design with the blue hat (above). I used a bit of 'stiffy' stuff on the felt to help the ears stand up and strengthen the feet (which are brogues). I started with sketches but found it easier just to make it up as i went along.. happy holidays.. what are you up to?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 3..

The night before i crafted a quick camera pouch. A padded, drawstring bag. Just to keep the dust + scratches off (the new handsome camera) but not too bulky..
Then with 4 kids in the car, a picnic, 30 minutes later we arrived on Sydney Harbour..

A perfect Autumn day.. for unlimited rides! And off they went... while i explored the photographic possibilities..

So yes, a fun day trip for all...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hooray for holidays...

Day 2 of my holidays. Week 2 of their school holidays. Cue up the vase, stock the fridge, plan the events!
So after i farewelled my old broken camera .. I said heeeellllooooo handsome - to my new Sony A390. Gorgeous item that is is.. soooo much to play with.. WOW!
so here's a sneak peek at some bits i created over the last 2 weekends..

Of course it is perfectly natural to make such things in between soccer matches, groceries + cooking..
BUT you'll have to pop back another day and i will explain it all. Well, not ALL, but at least it might make more sense.. hope you've been well..


Sorry it's been a while.. few things going on. AND it's got chilly. Naturally i'm lusting after a handcrafted scarf or wrap, but in the meantime.. i layed out the fluff ready to felt my own. I was really trying for gorgeously thin... then it went into 'scarey - this may fall apart' phase.. then it ended up shorter + thicker than i intended.. so it's been put aside - as i research fringe options..
THEN my camera died! so sad. It had been sooooo good..


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