Monday, March 7, 2011

Phase one..

So half of the weekend was all about them. Hooray indeed. Thirteen! While i chugged off down memory lane and wondered where the time had gone, we couldn't help be proud of our two and who they've grown into..
Teen birthday idea: wrap up a pass-the-parcel for one. Each layer contained a quiz question on the outside of an envelope - when answered correctly the contents were 'won'. oh well - at least it took him a few minutes to 'collect' his birthday money - which let's be honest - seemed to be the key area of interest.. oh for those days of wooden educational toys (???), tiny dolls, brand lego...aahhhhh...

1 comment:

Betty Jo said...

TWIN Spunks! Happy birthday to you.
And brace yourself mum for the teenage rollercoaster......


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