Monday, March 7, 2011

Hooray for Haco!

Have you seen this? It's cool. It's available at Kinokuniya (Sydney) for just under $7. It is Japanese and it has groovy combinations + cute photography. It is my ideal fix. It is a visual sweet shop of many interesting clothing combinations + accessories. But sadly i can't read it, sadly i can't purchase from it, or sadly, do they ship here... But i decided to imagine - then visualise what i might look like in their combos..
Here's how it went:

Then there's the bit about wanting what you don't have (and not just outfit wise) I would love a straight glossy bob hair-do. But currently mine could accommodate a bird rather nicely. Just so you know...

ps: I have decided that the sketchbook project helped me break through a bit of a creative quandary.. I discovered after HAVING to do ALL those pages that i was drawn to watercolour and i have to say i am loving it!
What creative process are you loving at the moment?

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