Sunday, March 20, 2011

More Sketchbook project..

Projects and more projects remember The Sketchbook Project? so here is a bit more of that.. I think you had a sneak peak of this one above, "It must be vintage" a still life painted on a thrifted pillowcase then embellished with stitching.

This one was off the rails.. then i just had fun with it.. painting over a photograph.. adding some ink.

I love the combinations of found japanese papers + masking tape with a watercolour illo that was inspired from a japanese magazine.

This was towards the end and i was getting desperate for other styles/ideas. The bus was from a foam stamp i had made earlier.. i like the graphic boldness..
So yep, from one project to another... off i go... how are yours going?

The Penny Black project

It's nice to be part of something don't you think? Participate in other people's projects. Here's my first one in the lovely Jo's Penny Black project.

My concept:
I was thinking about how using what you had was a way of life in the past. That popping out to the shops for supplies was not the first option available to most. With this in mind I made a paper collage from vintage storybooks, collected papers and then altered other pages to fit my colour scheme.

I liked the idea of using stitching to reinforce the domestic/handmade – also for the way it connects the pieces together. The patchwork feel reminds me of an aerial street view..
I loved working with red – it oozes depth and feeling!
All that for 2 cents – wow.

Thoughts and memories...

Japan and your people, our thoughts are with you.
It has been a year of too many natural disasters already. Hard to go about your daily life - so many things seem so trivial by comparision. Lots of folk are raising funds.. including Ebony of Hello Sandwich.. a good time to purchase her (cute + useful!) gift wrapping zine.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Hooray for Haco!

Have you seen this? It's cool. It's available at Kinokuniya (Sydney) for just under $7. It is Japanese and it has groovy combinations + cute photography. It is my ideal fix. It is a visual sweet shop of many interesting clothing combinations + accessories. But sadly i can't read it, sadly i can't purchase from it, or sadly, do they ship here... But i decided to imagine - then visualise what i might look like in their combos..
Here's how it went:

Then there's the bit about wanting what you don't have (and not just outfit wise) I would love a straight glossy bob hair-do. But currently mine could accommodate a bird rather nicely. Just so you know...

ps: I have decided that the sketchbook project helped me break through a bit of a creative quandary.. I discovered after HAVING to do ALL those pages that i was drawn to watercolour and i have to say i am loving it!
What creative process are you loving at the moment?

Phase one..

So half of the weekend was all about them. Hooray indeed. Thirteen! While i chugged off down memory lane and wondered where the time had gone, we couldn't help be proud of our two and who they've grown into..
Teen birthday idea: wrap up a pass-the-parcel for one. Each layer contained a quiz question on the outside of an envelope - when answered correctly the contents were 'won'. oh well - at least it took him a few minutes to 'collect' his birthday money - which let's be honest - seemed to be the key area of interest.. oh for those days of wooden educational toys (???), tiny dolls, brand lego...aahhhhh...


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