Sunday, February 20, 2011

Uppercase magazine

Have you seen this lovely gorgeous Canadian mag? You can pop over here to their site.. It's one of those titles that even smells good... full of creative types, both the human and font kind. Recently they asked for 'floral photos' on their participate section..
After realising that my garden had been scorched in the summer heat.. i decided to paint some florals of my own.. and make a little scene..

Then the wind got up... luckily i had lightly secured them... or i would've had another scene entirely..
a little bit of a zoom.. and..

aaaaaahhhh.. i did adjust the hue + saturation in photoshop.. but hey - in the old days they really 'worked' those dark rooms + film techniques.. i also tried one with a background..

Then, because it was seriously too hot to go out ... i decided to take Uppercase's other challenge: design a cereal box. I wrestled with this because i didn't think i would be able to achieve the look i wanted with my digital skills - but yet i didn't want it too handpainted.. anyway this is how it went..

Obviously there would be huge copyright issues.. but it is a concept. An idea. I'm not selling it - or intending it for commercial use. It's just in the spirit of "wouldn't this be cool on the breakfast table?"
It was like being at college again. Leaving something to the last minute. Not sure if it would work.. BUT definitely having better tools to use!

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katiecrackernuts said...

You are clever. Wasn't it hot. I like your way of escaping the heat. I was in the garden for six hours yesterday. Felt a little faint by the end of the day. Core.


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