Sunday, February 27, 2011

out and about.. and in...

Do you need a transition phase? Something that gets you from the working week to that 'creative' space. Sometimes it's a little bit of a tidy up, or seeking out some tasty treats OR a little 'thrifting'. These little discoveries (for less than $2 for 3) made me happy! I have to say i'll be re gifting one - but i actually thought the other 2 would make lovely little water pots for painting... i also picked up these:

and how cute is this..

At my local Vinnies the books are 50 cents each.. so for that reason and the fact that i have quite a few it made it easier to cut them up! I discovered when doing the sketchbook project that the paper and the printing style are super to work with... so cut them up i did.. sticking' to a limited colour palette. Oh, i also found that swishing a bit of transparent acrylic (in red) across a printed piece also blends nicely... this is what happened..

That is stage one, anyway, guess i'll have to go through a working week, another transition phase and find that creative place.. have you visited yours recently?

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