Sunday, February 6, 2011

More Sketchbook project..

Back to this.. here are pages that i created using collage.. this one uses forms i picked up in a Japanese bank.
"it must be.. time to exit .. the 9 to 5 trip"

"it must be awful to lose your way.." This one uses manga pages i 'selected' from a 'magazine' i bought at a Japanese station. These images i thought had the characters looking a little lost. I then used the masking tape to create 'train lines' the white dots represent the station stops..

When some blue tissue paper landed on my desk it had to be recycled for something.. i added layers of metallic + white tissue, drew some fish and this is what happened.. changing the layout to portrait made a nice change too.

This was one of those pages where i had been so immersed in the project that it was taking over my 2 week holiday break.. this was a 'what on earth can i do now?!" moment. But i don't mind the looseness that occured..

oh, so some more masking tape.. well, who can resist such a great product? These pages were built around the dog which was part of a Dr Seuss Dictionary.. i just 'worked it' into a blended look..

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Christina said...

Love the fish and the clock. Lovely work. :)


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