Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

This weekend was spent celebrating my birthday - which went very well. Thank you for the well wishes + lovely pressies. This little chap was chosen by Miss R.. I need to redo an 'area' in which to make him a home.. what a sweet surprise..
I began the celebrations with an ocean swim at 8am as it was also 41 degrees in Sydney on Saturday.. phew weee! Happy was i, to share with Chinese New Year and we took the opportunity to see the Chinese Warriors on display at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. (but... if there were thousands and thousands of them - how come only a handful could holiday in Sydney?)
The gallery was open until midnight with the cafe decorated with a Shanghai flavour. Totally packed - super to see a public space being used a bit more creatively. We watched a Chinese "wonderman" perform some magic.. such as swallowing a silver ball, suction 'cupping' a bowl to his stomach, and standing on 4 fresh eggs without breaking them.. hmmm, the bit involving a sharp knife and metal pole I couldn't watch...

Happy year of the rabbit to you too...


Art Gallery of NSW said...

Hi and happy birthday!
Great to hear that you came along for the Chinese New Year celebrations at the Gallery and enjoyed it...
Just wanted to let you know that China has restrictions on how many terracotta warriors are on loan at any one time. You can see the thousands in China, but not up as closely as you can at the Gallery.
You might also like to see this intrepid terracotta tourist exploring Sydney
Hope to see you back soon,
Cheers, Molly (for Art Gallery of NSW)

katiecrackernuts said...

Happy birthday and ummmm, hello to Molly of the Art Gallery of NSW, who either reads your blog - woot - or had robots searching for comments on the warriors. Impressive.

Sounds like a fun day out all the same. I keep meaning to get my act into gear for Chinese New Year. Never happens.

Phew, what about the weekend's heat. Knocked me around, that's for sure.


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