Sunday, February 20, 2011

crafternoon for 2..

Sorry i missed you last week. You know what it's like: things that have to be done, places you have to go.. Then last Sunday instead of meeting somewhere out for lunch - a friend and i met up, (at home) with projects. Add some olive sourdough, Persian fetta, a touch of salad + a couple of tim tams and voila!
For some reason i had downsized my entire wallet to a coin purse - it started with one card - and from there a slippery slope to a tiny purse that i could barely fit my fingers into.
So i decided to try and make one. The linen insert comfortably fits credit cards.. it was fun mixing and matching the stash.. i had attached card pockets to the inside of the outter wrap... i've road tested it for a week .. i may unpick them ... i may add one to either side of the insert purse... hmm..
Do you crafternoon with friends too?

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