Sunday, February 27, 2011


New project! It's starting to take shape.. here's a sneak peak.. the 'sketchbook project' reacquainted me with my inks + watercolours.. and i barely needed an excuse to raid my Japanese masking tape draw! Once i had broken through my 'how-can-i cut-up-vintage-books?' barrier, i was free to collage away like a mad woman!

out and about.. and in...

Do you need a transition phase? Something that gets you from the working week to that 'creative' space. Sometimes it's a little bit of a tidy up, or seeking out some tasty treats OR a little 'thrifting'. These little discoveries (for less than $2 for 3) made me happy! I have to say i'll be re gifting one - but i actually thought the other 2 would make lovely little water pots for painting... i also picked up these:

and how cute is this..

At my local Vinnies the books are 50 cents each.. so for that reason and the fact that i have quite a few it made it easier to cut them up! I discovered when doing the sketchbook project that the paper and the printing style are super to work with... so cut them up i did.. sticking' to a limited colour palette. Oh, i also found that swishing a bit of transparent acrylic (in red) across a printed piece also blends nicely... this is what happened..

That is stage one, anyway, guess i'll have to go through a working week, another transition phase and find that creative place.. have you visited yours recently?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Uppercase magazine

Have you seen this lovely gorgeous Canadian mag? You can pop over here to their site.. It's one of those titles that even smells good... full of creative types, both the human and font kind. Recently they asked for 'floral photos' on their participate section..
After realising that my garden had been scorched in the summer heat.. i decided to paint some florals of my own.. and make a little scene..

Then the wind got up... luckily i had lightly secured them... or i would've had another scene entirely..
a little bit of a zoom.. and..

aaaaaahhhh.. i did adjust the hue + saturation in photoshop.. but hey - in the old days they really 'worked' those dark rooms + film techniques.. i also tried one with a background..

Then, because it was seriously too hot to go out ... i decided to take Uppercase's other challenge: design a cereal box. I wrestled with this because i didn't think i would be able to achieve the look i wanted with my digital skills - but yet i didn't want it too handpainted.. anyway this is how it went..

Obviously there would be huge copyright issues.. but it is a concept. An idea. I'm not selling it - or intending it for commercial use. It's just in the spirit of "wouldn't this be cool on the breakfast table?"
It was like being at college again. Leaving something to the last minute. Not sure if it would work.. BUT definitely having better tools to use!

crafternoon for 2..

Sorry i missed you last week. You know what it's like: things that have to be done, places you have to go.. Then last Sunday instead of meeting somewhere out for lunch - a friend and i met up, (at home) with projects. Add some olive sourdough, Persian fetta, a touch of salad + a couple of tim tams and voila!
For some reason i had downsized my entire wallet to a coin purse - it started with one card - and from there a slippery slope to a tiny purse that i could barely fit my fingers into.
So i decided to try and make one. The linen insert comfortably fits credit cards.. it was fun mixing and matching the stash.. i had attached card pockets to the inside of the outter wrap... i've road tested it for a week .. i may unpick them ... i may add one to either side of the insert purse... hmm..
Do you crafternoon with friends too?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

More Sketchbook project..

Back to this.. here are pages that i created using collage.. this one uses forms i picked up in a Japanese bank.
"it must be.. time to exit .. the 9 to 5 trip"

"it must be awful to lose your way.." This one uses manga pages i 'selected' from a 'magazine' i bought at a Japanese station. These images i thought had the characters looking a little lost. I then used the masking tape to create 'train lines' the white dots represent the station stops..

When some blue tissue paper landed on my desk it had to be recycled for something.. i added layers of metallic + white tissue, drew some fish and this is what happened.. changing the layout to portrait made a nice change too.

This was one of those pages where i had been so immersed in the project that it was taking over my 2 week holiday break.. this was a 'what on earth can i do now?!" moment. But i don't mind the looseness that occured..

oh, so some more masking tape.. well, who can resist such a great product? These pages were built around the dog which was part of a Dr Seuss Dictionary.. i just 'worked it' into a blended look..

Happy Chinese New Year

This weekend was spent celebrating my birthday - which went very well. Thank you for the well wishes + lovely pressies. This little chap was chosen by Miss R.. I need to redo an 'area' in which to make him a home.. what a sweet surprise..
I began the celebrations with an ocean swim at 8am as it was also 41 degrees in Sydney on Saturday.. phew weee! Happy was i, to share with Chinese New Year and we took the opportunity to see the Chinese Warriors on display at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. (but... if there were thousands and thousands of them - how come only a handful could holiday in Sydney?)
The gallery was open until midnight with the cafe decorated with a Shanghai flavour. Totally packed - super to see a public space being used a bit more creatively. We watched a Chinese "wonderman" perform some magic.. such as swallowing a silver ball, suction 'cupping' a bowl to his stomach, and standing on 4 fresh eggs without breaking them.. hmmm, the bit involving a sharp knife and metal pole I couldn't watch...

Happy year of the rabbit to you too...


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