Saturday, January 1, 2011

summer time...

We live about 30 minutes (on a good day) from Sydney's centre. Our house was built in the 1940's while the family lived in the garage (my shed), it's fairly modest and we haven't done much to it. We don't have a water view, but, we do live 10 minutes from some gorgeous beaches.. this was Curl Curl the other morning..

This is the before pic.. I couldn't resist using the tilt shift app... you may have seen it already... you can apply it to any photo here...

Having taken the kids to see Gulliver's travels this week i enjoyed creating my own small world..
how's life in your part of the world going?

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beck said...

I love the beachy shots and thanks for the link too, I'm checking it out asap. Isn't Curl Curl an excellent name for a place/beach? Gotta love that. My part of the world is looking pretty special at the moment, lots of greenness that the summer sun has fried yet! I love summer, hope yours is super fun xo


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