Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Sketchbook Project 2011

Although i did actually get to do some sewing this weekend.. here is another update from the Sketchbook Project (it's over - should be in Brooklyn, right now).. but here are some more of my pages.. these ones all use watercolour..

Just repeating 'blobs' from the end of a paintbrush can be therapeutic and effective. The hearts were ripped pieces of tissue paper.

I think this was just a whimsical exercise in pattern ... and?

I am drawn to green. Don't know why. The paintbrush just started doing the shapes on the right.. the rest jsut happened.

It was fun playing with the blobs. The collage cat + dog i added later. Originally i imagined a whole page full of cats + dogs.. but i like the simplicity of this.

I did most of this project in my 2 week Christmas holiday.. i was listening to the radio, it was about space and how various countries had invested in it. They mentioned that the French had sent up animals into orbit. I had a blank page and this is what happened.

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