Sunday, January 2, 2011

On my desk..

There's 2 weeks left to complete the Sketchbook project 2011, my last post was this..
So i have been at my desk during my holiday trying to thrash out some pages.. I say thrash, because even though i originally had intentions of planning and structuring it - the whole thing has ended up fairly experimental..
When i say experimental, i mean like, unplanned, not thought out. Not cutting edge. This piece uses a thrifted pillowcase - i drew the image with a fabric pen - the kind that disappears or washes out.. Stitched over the line then blocked in the colour with acrylic paint.. if you water it down the pattern comes through, which is nice.
I'll be posting more of my latest efforts in the next few days as i see the end in sight..


thea said...

aw, love the floppy ears...



kate fern said...

Love your pillowcase painting!
Happy new year.


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