Thursday, January 13, 2011

More Sketchbook project..

Firstly, just a note that it is of course difficult to think about anything else or look at your own supplies, books etc when people + families in Queensland have had many things washed away in the flood.. it made me think about what is it all for ? All this stuff - the things that i do .. While i can donate to an appeal and take time to think about all that has happened. For my own family's sake it's best i keep going.. because if i didn't do the 'stuff' i do, then i wouldn't be living my life with purpose... (not sure what that purpose is, only that it makes me feel connected to something, which is enough).

Here is a sequence from my Sketchbook project..

it was inspired by that hairy fella on the last spread, he actually appeared in the garden over Christmas. He moved very fast. I took his picture and collaged him into the scene. The hole was cut out and went through the 3 pages. The apple i painted was a still life i set up on the table, i couldn't quite get the folds right - so added japanese masking tape and VOILA! it was helped along nicely.. The leaves were done seperately on thicker paper - this added a nice 3D touch to the actual page.
Best of all, that was 6 pages DONE!

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katiecrackernuts said...

It looks fantastic. You must be so pleased with your efforts.


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