Sunday, January 2, 2011

Also on my desk...

It all started on the last day of work - after our Christmas lunch. I casually strolled into a newsagent and picked up the latest issue of cloth, paper, scissors magazine... lured by the work of grrl + dog - who i now realise lives in Sydney.. she has shown me the way to satisfying papier mache! You see i've always loved the idea of it.. but, every time i've tried it's been... disappointing. Denise was also inspired by Julie Arkel whose whimsical work can be seen here..
So the key? I believe IS wallpaper paste! yes indeed! it only sticks to itself. Is very quick. Is not mucky + icky like the combos i've tried in the past...
Here's what happened..

Of course it is fun to get out your scraps and dress your creation.. i did have some balance issues - the body and head are just scrunched up newspaper - but she was toppling over, so her feet needed to be air drying clay..
I also finished (almost) off one i had started a year ago - thanks to this new discovery.. the paste keeps in the fridge too.. bit tricky during this festive time...but i wasn't going to let this go..

But the dog is a little twee at the moment, a little too matchy-matchy, so i need to work on a coat + add some buttons... can't wait to get back to the bodies on my desk!


Anonymous said...


You cant imagne how cool it is when someone contacts you because they have actually TRIED the stuff you wrote about.

I'm running all over the room and sweating like a pig now.

Yes I had balance iussues...makes teh feet look cut though, a;; wadded up. I felt like a bespoke shoe maker.

Your dog is looking too "sweet" better rough him up a bit.

Nice to meet you and thankyou for the kind words.

katiecrackernuts said...

You are soooo good at making the time for these things. I wish I had a bit more of your "just sit down and do" attitude - and maybe a wee bit of space for the same.

thea said...

oh my goodnes!! You've been busy! I LOVE IT!!!!!! so so so cute!



Shireen said...

Love, love, love your papier mache creations!

Betty Jo said...

Little girly is very adorable!
I am visiting the north side of the Sydney Harbour next week. Maybe if you are around for a bit we could catch up for a cuppa?


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