Sunday, December 5, 2010

they call me twiggy

We've had wind, we've had rain. I've been collecting twigs as they land on the lawn.
Yesterday i sprayed them silver.. My mother gave me some 'stick lights', nice.
I tied them with string. Put them in a pot. Scrunched up some crepe paper for the base, taped on gold tissue paper around the pot. Purchased a selection of wooden ornaments at 30% off.. Found silver + green ribbon in my stash for bows.. also a handy pack of felt leaves onto which i added string.. VOILA!
The boy of the house (he of 12.5 years) said on arriving home after staying at a friends place overnight: "oh, didn't we put up the tree this year? uh, is THAT it? (slight pause) FAIL!'
Then he had a shower and suggested we start again..

'tis the season...


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