Sunday, December 5, 2010

Another... little project...

This week will see the year 6 dance. We like to think of it as a dance or 'gathering', not as a formal for 11 to 12 year olds. There will be outfits, dresses, hair, skinny jeans, hats, some excitement, some worries AND some decorations. The power of the committee is an amazing thing.. all that getting together and delegating, the sharing of tasks.. it's amazing what can be achieved.
My contribution was to photograph the whole year - this has then been transferred to a cake, put together an invite (shown above) which others then rolled + named.. THEN a bag of sparkley things were delivered to our house .. the instruction was to make 3 centrepieces which didn't look like kindy projects..

this is how they look...

The committee had kindly purchased 3 moss bricks (the ones you use for flower arranging) I asked Mr R to 'whip up' the planter boxes.. he cut up the four sides from foam core + hot glue gunned them together.. he then sprayed them silver + gold glitter (not really detectable here).. we then used wire cutters to trim the sparkley things (formal title: pick onion) , so they are not too cumbersome.. then i just wove some tinsel around the base of the sticks to cover the foam block.
Tied a bow - and not too shabby i think!


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