Sunday, November 14, 2010

what have i been doing?

All well and good - now you've caught up to what's been happening round here. But, surely I've been doing?
Aah yes. Miss M has her end of year (the end of PRIMARY school) dance coming up.. She thought i would make the dress. Inwardly i tensed, knowing i hadn't completed anything like this before. Outwardly i smiled and agreed "yes, that's a great idea!". (I was touched she trusted me to do this..)
We selected the pattern..

I cut it and the fabric out. I began.
So, the question i have is: "if the pattern comes in a size 4 or 6, what happens if your subject is a size 5?"

I took my time, i pressed each seam. It was going well, except when she tried it on.. too big here.. so i adjusted, too small there.. in the end, when i got to putting the zip in i stopped. To make it wearable i need to design a 'v' panel with the zip set in.
Surprisingly i ddin't scream. Strangely i put it down to if i'd been in a sewing class it was practice.
The fabric was $24 so not a huge loss - and perhaps i will fix it later..?? I even felt ok with 'failing' my mission
then i took out my machine and stitched this..

Aaaaah, much happier with the small things in life..

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