Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Out and about..

The other week i went to Magnolia Square in Sydney. This time i was actually wearing 2 hats, my day job (magazine art director's cap - currently co-ordinating the Chrsitmas gift guide) and my handmade Dudley cap..I had been sceptical as to expecting to see a whole room of nursery type items, but, i was pleasantly surprised. This fresh set up was by stylist Jason Grant.

With in minutes of arriving i was drawn into .. the drapey gorgeous, hand dyed world of .. Tickets for coco

just what you need to flounce around in this summer..
there was time to say hi to Feed the dog... who whilst creating "interior awesomeness" had produced a new range of incredibly funky lampshades..

So quirky + original - great work.. if you are Christmas shopping ... why not visit here for something to add to the wish list..
Then as i wandered down the aisles i found the perfect pet for my studio..

Hhhhm, i can't seem to find him on their website - but pop over here and i'm sure they can help.. plus there's lots of other cool items you may want to add to your Christmas cart...

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feedthedog said...

Hey Tara,
Lovely to catch up in that 'fake' world of event markets. Me too, surprised that it wasn't so baby-focused. Thanks for your lovely, ever generous comments. :)


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