Sunday, November 7, 2010

Brisbane part 2..

Do you have your favourite spots you like to check on, when visiting another place?
In Brisbane mine is Bulimba. I was delighted to see the new "Jetty" which has appeared at the end of Oxford St, since i was last there. It has that sunny Queensland feel with a spoonful of relaxation mixed in. My first morning there was the perfect start to my long weekend..
At the other end of Oxford street (which is a mix of quirky shops + cafes).. is Coming up Roses (technically in Balmoral, but 5 minutes from Bulimba). I always like to pop in here...

An 'Aladdin's Cave' is an over used phrase.. but THIS place is. We could analyse the shallow consumerism of it all. OR we could just enjoy the discoveries to be had. The 'ooooh! isn't that lovely?'. Because they have a great mix of items from all over the world. You could find the perfect gift to delight someone, or treat yourself, WITHOUT the soulless experience of a mall.

Another little soulful find was 'Nook' in West End (a short walk from Southbank)...

I guess if you wanted to walk into a little piece of Etsy, it would look a bit like this..

Back to Southbank.. an er.. well the Craft Fair was on, so..

I've decided that in addition to ones' stash, it is important to 'secure' interesting and gorgeous fabric when one can.. so as opportunity knocked, i answered the call.

Funny how some colour palettes really 'speak' to you, and others just don't, isn't it?
A bus to Fortitude Valley and we found Little Jane St. (look for Winn St and a cool cafe to find this one)

only in its early stages (6 weeks) this tiny find shows promise..

It was a short visit - but rested, relaxed and recharged i headed home inspired ...

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