Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Alternate project..

Just about two years ago 4 of us came together to create an Altered book club (we picked up another along the way). As we altered the pages of our chosen books we met at various venues from croquet to karoke, from yum cha to yummy picnics.. we didn't really know each other before it started and it's been a great experience - forcing yourself to come up with something before the next meeting (usually very close to the day, if not the night before!).. My first book was a small children's picture book about a cow that can't sleep - i continued the sleep theme in my alteration and made a slip cover from an old pillowcase (pictured above).
We've decided to wrap it up.. here is my last entry.. in a book on Larkin the poet - the phrase that appealed to me mentioned 'sad steps ' and high windows.. this seemed fitting and something about tall ships dropping from sight.. (the dice are a carry over from the previous page alteration - part of the rules of the swap)..

yes, there are always chores to be done - but it is amazing what you can find time to do.. even in 30 minutes..
sometimes the shorter the better...

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