Monday, October 4, 2010

More recycling...

Last week, as Miss R put away her new op shop finds, she created a pile (of too small) ready to go to the op shop.. in the pile was this..

It was mine, originally. I don't remember what winter i bought it. I'm not quite sure how or when it seemed to get a little bit smaller. But 2 years ago she wore it to a farm. That week she fell in love with horses..

..And while the other girls had all the 'proper' gear, there was Miss R in my old jumper, a spare pair of boots and her old jeans.. those early mornings were chilly..

Suddenly it occured to me to make Miss R something that she could keep, something to remind her of that horsey week and perhaps, me.. this is how it turned out..

i was kind of picturing finding something in a country gift shop.. I didn't make up a pattern, just started hacking into the jumper, avoiding the tomato sauce stain. Miss R walked past, i asked her for a sketch. She muttered something about 'giraffe' and carried on by. Hmmm, I had to modify the neck, to avoid giraffe.
I decided to use the inside of the fabric, less stained, less worn. The cuffs made nice 'socks'. I liked the detail of incorporating the seams too.

i was trying to keep it simple. i agonised over how to do the eyes. But am quite happy with how he turned out!

Maybe he'll get thrown in a box in a few years time, but maybe in her twenties when handmade sees another revival he'll be a nostalgic reminder of her past...
do you ever wonder where your handmade gifts will end up? what future life they will have?


CurlyPops said...

Super Cute! It reminds me of the horse from Toy Story.
I wonder where he will turn up in 20 years time???

mariannealice said...

giddy up! That is one cute horse! By the way, did the Barcelona postcard ever show up? Keep forgetting to ask!


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