Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Country drive part 2..

The other week when we were staying here.. these french doors being our bedroom for the weekend.. i drove down the poplar-tree lined country roads to Moss Vale. It was tulip season..

the gardens were quite beautiful..

But, I have to confess the reason for my trip was:

Made By Others, and indeed it was. A whole gallery/shop/cafe of so many wonders. It was definitely worth the trip.. I had read about it here.. and did see her lovely wares there..

the whole space was a well thought out discovery.. here's a little peak..

So after lots of looking, chatting, more looking - i decided on this..

A tea house lantern by Melbourne artist Mariana Garcia-Katz. For more of her work go here.. So graphic, yet useful... I love it! but those brooches were sweet... and those soft elephants.. and i did want to try on the pinafore dress..
(The vase was a recent $7 op shop find)..


feedthedog said...

hey tara.
so glad you made it to this lovely shop .. it doesn't disappoint does it? I'm a bit scared to go back - I spent so much money the last time there AND love those pinafore dresses too. Definitely getting one for summer.
thanks for your sweet comments as well :)

katiecrackernuts said...

Am so going there next weekend. I am down to Bundanoon to see my folks so will be passing through Moss Vale.
I have to share with you the fruits of the Girl Guide graffiti art project. We did test sprays last night and I am lovin' myself sick. They turned out so good. And the kids did them and are so excited.
Are you coming to the ABCD meet next week?

m2matiz said...

thank you for including the 'kiss me' t.lighthaus! i've yet to visit this gorgeous looking store.. when next in sydney i must stop by... wonderful article. thanks again. mariana

Steph Bond @ Bondville said...

Hi Tara - great to see you last week. I have an m2matiz tea light lantern too and love it! x

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