Sunday, September 26, 2010

Re fashion..

I must admit, having a daughter is lots of fun. I do feel very lucky, especially when she wants to 'play' with me.
Saturday afternoon saw an op shop run for some thrifting.. these were 2 of the 7 pieces we found. This yellow number ($8) just needed a couple of tucks on the shoulders.. a few accessories and voila!

magic indeed..

Miss R sourced both these items herself .. check this ($12) one out...

The body fitted perfectly,the length a little long and strapless for a 12.5 year old a little much. Soooo we chopped off a bit from the hem. Refashioned it into straps, added a couple of buttons and groovy, baby!

Oh, of course MY sewing machine broke down, today. Bobbin tangling thread - big nasty cobwebby mess under the fabric. Yuk. Then i remembered i had bought Miss R a little one a few years ago.. so i used this:

That was just in case you were sighing "oh but I can't sew, " or "oh I don't have a machine".
Maybe you can...


Cath @ chunkychooky said...

That is so great! I lvoe both the dresses- esp. the top one!!What a great find. i cannot wait to teach my daughter these tricks.

dash robin said...

Oh, what beautiful dresses you created! Suits your daughter to a tee! I love your encouragement message and photo of the cute sewing's so true isn't it, you don't need anything fancy to make things. Afterall only a couple hundred years ago everything was hand sewn! :o)

beck said...

Wow, excellent finds and what a hip girl you have there. She looks excellent in both her new outfits. Don't you love a bit of mother/daughter op shopping? My girls & I have a club called the Opshop Girls Club and we sometimes to road trips around regional Victoria. Fun!! Nice to find your blog today x


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