Sunday, September 5, 2010

Living history..

Do you sometimes read about something that is coming up and say to yourself "oooh, that'll be good". Then as the time comes around other things clamour for your attention and you lose sight of what you were going to do. OR you remember that yes! i will go.. so I did.
...To a lecture at the Mosman Art gallery which ran this afternoon to go with the opening of "Australian accent - the designs of Annan Fabric and Vande Pottery in the 40's and 50's. The exhibition features actual lengths of original fabric. Plus lots of gorgeous photographs, a sound reel and wonderful vintage home magazines.
Annan fabrics was founded by two remarkable women who screen printed in Mosman bewtween 1941 and 1954. The $8 catalogue has many of the wonderful visuals from the exhibition and the story behind Annan fabrics..

Curator Julie Petersen is to be congratulated for bringing this story to our attention.. And as if that wasn't rewarding enough, present in the audience this afternoon were 3 wonderful women. The first speaker had worked at Annan fabrics in 1949 and shared her story, the other was a pharmacist who had helped mix the German inks and the other had been a little girl spending much of her spare time at Annan Fabrics. She told of how she had sat and frayed the edges of the place mats to earn pocket money.
I have never experienced such an amazing example of 'living history' before..
If you are in Sydney pop along to see this great exhibition before October 10. If textiles are your thing why not attend the Symposium on Sept 26, see here.


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