Sunday, August 15, 2010

Out and about.. Friday 13th

Friday night i popped over to the Powerhouse museum to the Young Blood Designers Market. A 3 day market held inside the museum. Apparently in years gone by it had been very crowded.. originally it was free and outside.. so I paid my $5 and in i went. No crowds. On the upside it was great to walk around and chat to creative people i hadn't met before.. on the downside - because it was split over 3 levels the energy was also dispersed.. But i was happy checking out all the cool new displays..

parliament of two had an eye catching setup with quirky jewellery and dear little bookmarks.
I didn't miss the industrial designed up market products, instead it was lovely to wander through the individual scenes taking in the creative set ups..

I was grateful to those who had made the trip from interstate such as Notions from Tasmania.. whose retro brooches were very sweet.
But show me some letterforms on yummy paper tags and i'm there..

The other impressive thing about bespoke press was their digital photo frame which had a little 'movie' of exactly how time consuming - i mean truly crafty it is to print on a letter press.
Among other favourites was Adelaide's Delilah devine, i went back embarrassingly often - but couldn't decide on a vintage brooch or gorgeous little artwork...

Nearby was Melbourne's' Cottage industry, top marks for a nostalgic display - featuring cross stitch, embroidery and vintage tea towels. I was happy with my tiny purchase - which looked at home in my $3 op shop vase...

Last, but not least was the colourful world of Boniko.

Now these little guys were hard to resist, but then so were the actual Japanese tabi socks that they were made from! The socks come with the x between the toes - i love the way this has been incorporated into the characters.. Kawaii!

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