Sunday, August 29, 2010

Around the corner..

.. Is Spring... yipee! I'm not quite in the garden yet.. but i guess we are having a little bit of a tidy up as the days get longer.. in between reorganising various areas i had a flip through the latest country style magazine..

With pages of beautiful photography, personal stories the September issue also has a bonus "keep calm + carry on" tea towel.. Then it was back to business..

Mr R had been at it again, the op shops that is.. his latest find (above): buffet number 3. Yes, he is stopping now. So this one slotted nicely into the newly updated shed-udio. But that meant sorting out buffet number 2.

Have you ever started some 'supplies' in a handy little container only to discover in no time at all you have several containers, bags and various others?? It was time to consolidate.. time to group like with like.. a box of felt, a tub of coloured cottons, a drawer of buttons. You get the idea..

Aaaah, that's better. Funny how it does also clear the head.. How 'bout you, have you embarked on any Spring cleaning/re-arranging?

1 comment:

kate fern said...

Oh I need to, but I'm not very good at it (tidying). Love both your buffets!


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