Sunday, July 18, 2010

Reuse and recycle..

There were all these bits of furniture in Mr 12 year olds room. Including this massive wardrobe in the middle of the space. Originally it held all our linen. Then HE made a workshop on 2 shelves. It has been drilled into and painted on. It had to go..

we couldn't sell it - or use it anywhere else as it was, so they chopped it up:

And re-fit it in his room as an L'shaped bench around the room.. not quite a styled pic - more of a real life action shot this one, a work in progress:

So that was my holiday. Back to the day job tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed 'viewing' it. Sometimes i wonder why i blog and what to say.. then i figure lots of bloggers show you all sorts of stuff so i'll just share my creative life. What i do, what i see, on my own or as part of our family.. after all, i like to see what you do too!


willywagtail said...

I think it is great and inspiring to see re-use of furniture just as it is of cloth. Cherrie

Mike said...

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katiecrackernuts said...

I reckon if you thought too hard about the blog, especially as someone in the magazine/news industry, you'd never do it.
Yes, the weaving piece, that was the start of mine. I have taken new pics so will have them up soon.

wej said...

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Kelly B. said...

Awesome way to revamp an old piece of furniture... but I just have to say, I'm super jealous of the gigantic letters you have on your fence outside (couldn't help but notice them in the 3rd pic)... COOL
One can always use giant letters : )


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