Sunday, July 4, 2010

More searching (for inspiration) ..

Ok so you've walked round the block and also done the newsagents. You'd quite like to pop on a plane - but you promised to cook Sunday night roast for the family, complete with Yorkshire puddings.

However had you purchased these - "Amsterdam: made by hand" and "Paris: made by hand":

By stylist/photographer Pia-Jane Bijkerk you can float around 2 cities while the potatoes are roasting nicely. Her blog is inspiring too - but be warned you may go a shade of green as you view her life from an idylic houseboat in Amsterdam. But back to her books...

This is why I like them:
Space saving size. Heaps of pics of the shop interiors. Pictures of real stuff. Displays, close ups. Details. It's European, it's all handmade. She tells you what to expect at each place. She tells you where it is and the website. Because the words are to the point you can cover quite a few lane ways before its time to stir the gravy.
Oh and if you are trying to cut back on spending a little.. remember the book depository have FREE worldwide shipping.


Judy Manion said...

Hey, I will now run out and buy a copy of Paris: made by hand, then try to visit as many of the places as possible. Thanks for the recommendation. I recognise the gorgeous porcelain on the cover - it looks like Astier de la Villatte and everything they make is to die for! Regards, Judy M.

mariannealice said...

thanks to you I bought both of these last I just need to get myself over to Paris and Amsterdam for a wander around all by myself...


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