Friday, July 16, 2010

Holiday highs and lows

It's great when lovely little things arrive in the post box - even better when you're on holiday at home and you can wear them straight away! How gorgeous are these bearded men? Check out Jordan's quirky little items here. So i had various 'things' planned for my week off. I had vaguely divided my days into morning + afternoon/evening and allocated various things into the gaps. Have you done this?
What happens when your 'allocated' creative time turns into big frustration?? Do you go with it or abandon the journey? Tuesday morning was 'monoprints'. Major sighing. Please let me know if you know good techniques. We painted (roller + brush) acrylic onto plastic, while wet we drew with sticks, cotton buds, tooth picks, pencils .. then placed regular paper onto it smoothed it out, peeled it off. Huffing + puffing due to:
not being able to get a decent amount of detail, not being able to get a decent result, really.. here is all i got

Here is after i added more white lines in photoshop with the brush tool..

And, here is after i added a wee bit of colour + a scratchy brush.. it needs more work...

And here was somethings simple, but the image is not right at all. But the cotton bud was the only thing that seemed to produce consistent lines..

Now if i had that 'playtime' on a weekend i would have been very 'huffy' at the end of 3 hours not enjoying either journey OR destination.. BUT since i was on holiday i could move on and proceed to 'dinner out' which was next on my allocated timetable... Do you get huffy when your projects veer off track?


kate fern said...

Hi, I find doing monoprints is always a bit hit and miss too, a lot seems to depend on getting the ink consistency right - maybe yours was a bit too wet? Funny that I use the failed prints more than the successes! for collage or work over them with coloured pencil...
Your prints have a lovely feel. Sounds like you're having a lovely holiday!!

katiecrackernuts said...

Your "failed" prints are pretty damn OK in my book. I did a printing workshop years back and there was a girl in the class that nailed these fantastic prints every time. Every freaking time.


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