Friday, July 16, 2010

Holiday happiness..

So Thursday morning's allocated slot was also 'creative time' (see previous post for explanation). I had narrowed it down to 'embroidery'. I just didn't know where to begin. Sound familiar? I spread 3 bags worth of 'supplies' i have been 'collecting' across the table. Everyone else was out. I ignored the washing. I started with the idea of a canary. It evolved into this...

Not as much huffing and puffing. AND enjoyed journey and destination (see previous).
Then as i was slurping my soup Mr R rings "I'm out getting some laminating done, but have found a buffet at the second hand place. Do you think we should get it for the kitchen, you know, under the gallery there?"
"How much is it?" i ask.
"$55" he says.
"Let's give it a go for that price" i reply.
2 hours later it arrived..

Woo hoo! happiness indeed.


katiecrackernuts said...

A nice find indeed. Looks like it was made for that spot.
And the creative work, well done. You put us all to shame.

riyo said...

wow! looks great and totally different!!! i like the space on both side of the drawer!!

Shireen said...

Love your scrappy chappy embroidery!


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